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Image Restoration

Once a friend asked me can I make a B&W photo into a colored one. Like a typical Chinese, I said “Yes”. Take a look at my works and I’m sure you will be interested.

Mobile Application

Started off with my Final Year Project. Then realized how expensive people charge for a simple mobile app. I can make mobile app affordable for you. Tell me your project!


Not interested with wedding photography! It’s too mainstream. I prefer doing streets, travels, products, kids, families, couples, singles; basically something that I can have fun!

Graphic Design

Definitely my cup of tea. Print design is where I developed my ground work and passion for designing. From birthday parties to Multi National Corporation’s branding stuffs.

Motion Pictures

I like my videos neat, clean and simple. After Effects and Sony Vegas are my favorite tools. Not an expert on this subject but I definitely get your things done. By hook or by crook :p

Web Design

Most of my web development projects are based on WordPress as my platform. It is easier to manage content when you have a trustworthy Content Management System. Go WordPress!

About Me


Hi! I’m Pohvin, a Freelance Creative Designer!

I am a free spirit; I do thing spontaneously and instinctively. I have my own set of rules and I deal with the consequences every single day. I believe life is more exciting that way. I enjoy travelling, reading self-enrichment books, engaging with strangers, taking photos of random stuffs, standup comedies, food hunting and etc – basically keeping myself busy!


I want to hear about your projects. Drop me a line!

  • Phone: +(60) 124150046
  • Email: hello@pohvin.com